FCC Net Neutrality and Muni Broadband Orders Examined in Upcoming Webcast

The FCC’s recent net neutrality order, classifying broadband Internet access as a Title II common carrier offering, along with the FCC’s decision to preempt North Carolina and Tennessee state laws that placed limits on municipal broadband networks will be examined in a special live webcast on Broadband US TV on Friday, March 13th from 1pm-2:30pm (Eastern).

The webcast, entitled “FCC Takes Charge – Net Neutrality and Muni Broadband: New Title II Rules for Broadband Access and Preempting State Limits on Municipal Networks” will present details about the rulings, predictions on implementation and court challenges, and what these rulings are likely to portend for broadband in America over the next year and beyond.

Co-hosts Marty Stern of K&L Gates and Jim Baller of the Baller Herbst Law Group will be joined by two panels of prominent players and experts on both sides of these white hot issues.


Title II and Broadband: Pipedream or New Reality

  • Craig Aaron – Free Press
  • Chris Lewis – Public Knowledge
  • Sarah Morris – New America Foundation, Open Technology Initiative
  • Hank Hultquist – AT&T
  • Barbara Esbin – American Cable Association
  • Jonathan Banks – US Telecom Association

Muni Broadband: Striking Down State Limits

  • Jim Baller, Baller Herbst Law Group
  • Joanne Hovis, Coalition for Internet Choice
  • Christopher Mitchell – Community Broadband Program
  • Scott Cleland – Precursor Group
  • Jeff Lanning – CenturyLink
  • Lawrence Spiwak – Phoenix Center

You can access the webcast here (free registration required).

You may also consider reviewing our most recent posts on the Net Neutrality decision, potential tax implications, and our FAQs on Net Neutrality as a refresher in advance of the webcast.

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