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Net Neutrality Opponents Question Publication Delay

Net Neutrality Opponents Question Publication Delay

Administrative delays continue to plague the publication of the FCC’s controversial Net Neutrality Order adopted back in December 2010. According to agency observers, ongoing negotiations with Internet service providers and the need for OMB to approve the rules’ complex information reporting requirements may push the publication date of the regulations into the Fall.

The official publication of the regulations in the Federal Register will enable net neutrality opponents to launch long-awaited legal and legislative challenges against the Order. Even as publication remained pending, Verizon and Metro PCS each appealed the Order in the D.C. Circuit, contending that the FCC exceeded its statutory authority when it imposed the new regulations. The D.C. Circuit dismissed the suits without prejudice last month because the companies filed prior to the Order’s publication, but Verizon indicated that it plans to refile its challenge once the rules are published in the Federal Register. 

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