Tower Technology Panel to Address Tough Issues on Getting Broadband Wireless Sites Built

The Tower Technology Summit  at CTIA Wireless 2011 will feature a panel on on Wednesday, March 23 in Orlando entitled "Zoning/Permitting: Shifting the Paradigm to Cooperation." The panel will grapple with the tough issues behind 4G and wireless broadband deployment — the pressure of building out networks using pole attachments in rights of way and macro sites in the face of sophisticated and increasingly successful community resistance, including vocal opposition often based on fear of radio emissions.

K&L Gates partner Marty Stern will be one of the speakers on the panel and will discuss specific approaches from earlier deployment-related battles at the federal level. Marty will be focusing on strategic approaches to advocacy and coalition building, starting with the premise "If you want broadband, you gotta get it built." The panel will get to the heart of the challenge of this necessary paradigm change: moving municipalities, non-wireless industry advocates, citizens, carriers and DAS providers onto the same page.

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