Law Seminars International presents Cloud Computing: Law, Risks and Opportunities

On December 13-14, 2010, Law Seminars International presented a seminar exploring different cloud computing service models and the challenges they pose. They explored what cloud computing is, how it works and the benefits it offers.

Leading practitioners, including Dan Royalty (K&L Gates Seattle), described the contracting and compliance challenges their clients face on a daily basis and shared their strategies for meeting them.  Among other things, the program provided pointers on identifying the legal and compliance issues around cloud computing and addressing them in cloud computing transactions.

Participants learned:

  • Due diligence for selecting a service provider
  • Risks in data flows among different national jurisdictions
  • Export controls on technology moving to different jurisdictions
  • Records retention approaches and business practices for the cloud
  • Dealing with law enforcement agencies
  • Privacy and confidentiality: Applicable laws, regulations nd standards
  • Effective data security strategies
  • Contracting and negotiations
  • How control vs. cost will play out over time
  • Ethical issues


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