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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Net Neutrality Opponents Question Publication Delay

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Administrative delays continue to plague the publication of the FCC’s controversial Net Neutrality Order adopted back in December 2010. According to agency observers, ongoing negotiations with Internet service providers and the need for OMB to approve the rules’ complex information reporting requirements may push the publication date of the regulations into the Fall. The official publication… Continue Reading

Copyright Bill Targeting Rogue Websites Approved by Senate Judiciary Committee

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The Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously voted to approve legislation aimed at shutting down “rogue” websites selling counterfeit goods or offering pirated content. The PROTECT IP Act would authorize the Justice Department to seek court orders prohibiting American Internet service providers from offering access to infringing sites. The Act would further allow content owners to prevent online advertising… Continue Reading

If You Want Broadband, You’ve Got To Get It Built

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With expanding broadband as its defining priority, the FCC is taking a number of steps to facilitate the deployment of broadband facilities. We recently wrote on the FCC’s new pole attachment order, intended to expedite and lower the cost of access to utility poles. In a companion Notice of Inquiry, published today in the Federal Register, the… Continue Reading

Verizon Challenges FCC Data Roaming Rules

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In a move expected by many industry analysts, Verizon Wireless filed a notice of appeal last week in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia challenging the data roaming obligations imposed on wireless carriers adopted by the FCC last month. The FCC order required all wireless carriers to allow customers of competitors… Continue Reading

House Committee Majority Staff Proposes Structural Changes to FCC

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With all five FCC Commissioners scheduled to appear before the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology today, the majority staff of the Committee on Energy and Commerce released a memorandum proposing significant changes to the FCC’s operating procedures.  According to the memorandum, the proposed reforms will streamline the Commission’s rulemaking processes and provide for more… Continue Reading

FCC’s New Pole Attachment Rules Become Effective

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The FCC’s amended pole attachment rules, which are intended to expedite the rollout of advanced telecom, video and broadband services, promote competition and reduce the costs of network buildout, have been published in the Federal Register and have become effective.  The FCC’s pole attachment rules, adopted under Section 224 of the Communications Act, govern the… Continue Reading

Apple Investigated by European Privacy Authorities for Tracking Bug

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By Dr. Sascha Pres and Dr. Tobias Bosch Government authorities in France, Italy and Germany are scrutinizing Apple after a report indicated that Apple iPhone and iPad devices are tracking and storing geolocation information and data regarding the time of visits of end users. The devices gathered the information through the use of Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers around the end users’… Continue Reading

FCC Challenged on Net Neutrality at House Hearing

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By Brendon P. Fowler House Republicans continued to press their general opposition to the FCC’s Open Internet or “Net Neutrality” rules yesterday in a hearing conducted by the House Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition, and the Internet. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski defended the new rules and emphasized the importance of transparency for consumers and innovators, open… Continue Reading