Cybersecurity: The Obama Administration Proposes Legislation; Proposals Would Standardize Breach Notification Requirements, Enhance Cybersecurity-Related Information Sharing, and Toughen Cybercrime Prosecution

By R. Paul Stimers, András P. Teleki, Bruce J. Heiman, Michael J. O’Neil

On January 13, 2015, in response to the continuing onslaught of cyber attacks, including the recent cybersecurity attack and data loss at Sony Pictures Entertainment, the Obama Administration sent to Congress three legislative proposals to improve cybersecurity. The proposals would:

  • Establish a single federal breach notification standard preempting a patchwork of state notification laws;
  • Encourage cyber threat information sharing within the private sector and between the private sector and the federal government; and
  • Enhance law enforcement’s ability to investigate and prosecute cyber crimes.

The President has been highlighting the cybersecurity proposals in a series of speeches leading up to the State of the Union Address today.

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